Biopics of Inspiring People Can Be Powerful Films -

Review by The Geek Watch


During a private screening at the Colorado University south campus I was privileged enough to experience Born to Lead:The Sal Aunese Story, which is about how Sal Aunese changed CU's football program forever. Let's break it down.

Biopics of inspiring people can be powerful films. Watching the unlikely genius make it big in the music industry, become a sports legend, or rise from obscurity to take Hollywood by storm can be very fun. The audience can vicariously live through the characters for 2 hours as they accomplish their dreams. Most biopics have similar endings though.

1. The main character overcomes adversity, and makes it big/wins the game...roll credits. 2. The main character makes it big, let's it all fall apart, and makes a comeback/learns life lessons...roll credits.

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